SBI is most likely to be the representative of the Japanese blockchain
In the Japanese market, where the waters are not clear, the background and innovation have become a necessary condition for survival and growth. At present, with this comprehensive condition, SBI has the best chance of winning. There are several reasons for this:
1. If the Japanese Financial Services Agency has been pressing the trading licenses, Monex will need to take into account the face of the Financial Services Department and will not expand the trading scope of Coincheck. The current trading currency of Coincheck is limited to Bitcoin.
Second, the GMO parent company is a cultural media. On the basis of this, there is no SBI established in the last century. Although the mining machine development has a good reputation in the international market, the 50 billion yen venture capital funded by SBI can be raised in a short time. And over-raised, showing strength and appeal.
Third, QUOINEX is currently ranked first in terms of trading volume, but its establishment in Singapore is actually a sub-item. The specific reasons are self-evident.
4. After the founder of bitFlyer, Ghana Yusan, resigned as the vice president of the virtual currency trader’s self-made association, the transaction volume of bitFlyer plummeted. Recently, it has been outside the world 30, and the domestic market has also fallen to second. The technical and safety performance is higher. However, the vice president of the self-made association, which was forced to quit by pressure, is tantamount to suicide, and the platform has a layer of umbrella.
In terms of chaebol, Mizuho Group and Softbank have obtained more resources. If they compete in the blockchain technology field, they are indeed better than SBI and they are even more light and swift, but they have not developed explosive technology applications. The issuance and smart contract development are still in the small-scale experimental stage, and SBI has been suppressed by large-scale, huge-capital, high-profile entry.
Moreover, SBI is also a member of the Royal Block Chain Army, which is hand-picked by the Japan Financial Services Agency and the Ministry of Economics and Trade.
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