Global Million Q Group 546622414 地球EAC全球有200万个以上的EAC都可加入

Global Million Q Group 546622414
Earth EAC has more than 2 million EACs worldwide.
(You can buy or withdraw from the group if you don’t have enough EAC! There are more than 2 million coins in the earth and you can join in!)
Weekly (monthly) must take the initiative to open a position, or the administrator can delete, no longer let you into the group! Thank you for your cooperation!
Earth Coin EAC Global Volunteer Development Network Committee & Committee
There are 7 billion people in the world and there are less than two Earth coins per person.
If EGC is developed, it will be $0.2, $2, not a dream! Global Village, Earth Coin, Earth People, Good! ! !
每周(每月)必须主动 晒一次仓位,否则管理员可以删除,不再让你进群!为了地球EAC的长期健康发展,请你谅解,谢谢配合!