EAC 2018.09 month report

EAC 2018.09 month report 地球币2018.09月报!
1, nxt钱包已经支持地球币了,手机使用地球币支付方便了!walletnxt.com
2,比特汪手机钱包完美支持地球币 下载地址:http://www.bitwow.ltd/mobile.htm
EAC 2018.09 month report
1, nxt wallet has already supported the earth coin, and it is convenient to use the earth coin for mobile phone payment! Walletnxt.com
2, Bitwang mobile wallet perfectly supports the earth coin Download address: http://www.bitwow.ltd/mobile.htm
3. The Earth coin Spanish community has been developing recruitment!
4, the propaganda team is growing, let the earth people use the earth coin!
5, the Chinese volunteer development team is a volunteer, so it is very slow to set up, maybe several years! patient!
6, you can learn to build a node, hold your own way to promote the development of the Earth coin, do everything you can!