We recently learned about the use of some venezuela btc and found the following interesting facts

We recently learned about the use of some venezuela btc and found the following interesting facts:
1. The French currency has collapsed and the zf(gov) credit has gone bankrupt.
2, electricity bills are cheap, so mining is prevalent (not necessarily digging btc), although the income is small, Venezuela’s income is already very low, coupled with inflation, the exchange into dollars can actually support the family.
3, zf(gov) prohibits mining, the reason is actually “theft of national resources crime.”
4, in order to avoid the zf through electricity tracing, the miner will spread the mining machine everywhere (such as relatives and neighbors), or hosted to operate overseas.
5, a large number of middle class escapes caused many houses to be vacant. This creates an interesting business: renting out your house as a small mine will give you 30%, and the miner will help you.
6. Under capital control, Bitcoin became the de facto “hard currency of the common people”, although the government claimed
Fighting bitcoin, but it is said that zf officials and elites are secretly using btc.
7, because a large number of middle class fled overseas, indirectly promoted btc as a “just need” function of the international transfer media. A poor person in Venezuela can at any time get the btc he got to convert the relatives who fled in Europe into euros to achieve property preservation. #www.aex88.com/page/article.html?id=25490
8. Welcome the Venezuelan people to build the earthcoin pool and mine earthcoin, http://earthcoin.earth/earthcoin-mining/, to achieve asset stability and value-added!
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