The next king of the digital coin storm – EarthCoin (EAC) welcomes the author to play!

The next king of the digital coin storm – EarthCoin (EAC) welcomes the author to play!
If you have great expectations for the future, I suggest investing in digital currency. Otherwise, there is no way to achieve your wishes. Do not believe that you ask yourself, what other channels can change your destiny?
What is the loss now? The stock market has children’s bottom, baby bottom, pregnancy bottom, falling 10 days and so on, and a weak rebound, after N years of solution! As for those entities, entrepreneurship will not even say anything, and the rest of the life. I think that the biggest investment opportunity in the future is still in the digital currency. It can be said that the digital currency has risen for one day. Just as the stock has risen for several years and the stock has two daily limit, it has to suspend the self-examination, and the digital currency can rise up overnight to make you doubt life.
I conducted a comprehensive comparative analysis of the 46 digital coins of the BIT.CC trading platform, and considered that the earth coin is the best investment target! It is estimated that some people will object, saying that bitcoin and citron are the most stable. They have the support of funds, application scenarios and token functions. Can I say that we are not investing in digital coins in order to get several times the proceeds? How many times can Bitcoin be flipped now? If Bitcoin doubles, it is estimated that the Earth’s currency has turned dozens of times.
Earth coins have the following advantages:
A. The volume is moderate, which is convenient for the dealer to operate.
B. Decentralized like Bitcoin. The founding team only maintains, does not participate in management, and thoroughly spends money to speculate.
C, low value, about 3 percent, any storm, you can get several times the income.
D, BIT.CC trading platform price is lower than the global average price, there is a compensatory demand.
E, the currency is highly safe, running for 6 years, unlike some project coins, two years of money to run people.
F, the confirmation time is super fast, the transfer speed is faster than the Bitcoin Ethereum, and the total amount is less than the Ripple coin.
G. Last year, Ripple rose 360 ​​times, while the earth coin as the old coin is a small number of old coins that have not risen.
Above, you can object, you can, we will come back to witness next year. Of course, any investment is risky. It is recommended that ordinary investors strictly control risks. It is best to use their own idle funds to invest and do their best. Ordinary investors can throw in two or three thousand to go in, from no matter what, and so on. (Source: )
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  我對BIT.CC交易平台CNC 46個數字幣進行綜合對比分析,認為地球幣是最佳投資標的!估計有人會反對,說比特幣、柚子幣最為穩健,它們有資金量支撐,有應用場景、有代幣功能。可以我想說,我們投資數字幣不就是為了得到數倍的收益嗎?請問現在比特幣能翻多少倍?如果比特幣翻一倍,估計地球幣都翻幾十倍了。
  以上,你可以反對,可以噓唏,我們等明年的今天再來見證。當然任何投資都存在風險,建議普通投資者嚴控風險,最好用自己的閒置資金進行投資,量力而行,普通投資者可以扔兩三萬進去,從些不管,等風起。 (來源: )