EAC 2018.10 month report 地球币2018.10月报

EAC 2018.10 month report

Earthcoin 2018.10 monthly report
1, the Earthcoin EAC online Star Guest Network, thanks to the netizen Heiluo and Star Guest platform support for the Earth coin, especially thanks! Https://www.silktrader.net/#/notice/index?id=130
2, the Earthcoin Chinese community is currently vigorously promoting the Earth coin, promoting the basic knowledge of the Earth coin, doing very well, thanks to the contribution to the earth!
3, the earth coin volunteers attach great importance to the promotion of the development of the earth coin mining power, encourage the people of the global village to mine the earth coin, it is recommended that netizens establish a earth coin pool in each country, the village is evenly distributed, which is good for the earth. Long-term development of the currency! I hope to fight for the power of the Litecoin!
4, the earthcoin India website earthcoin.in was attacked by the bad guy hacker Trojan virus several times, the website can be accessed normally, is marked as a dangerous website! The website only slowly returned to normal after waiting for the time.
5, under the leadership of “How to invest in digital currency” editor Wang Bowang, set up a pure old currency alliance, mainly recommend the world currency, quark coins, earth coins, etc., thanks to the contribution to the old coins!
6, EarthCoin EAC Monthly News QQ Group 514156575 Welcome to join, develop and promote the Earth coin!
7, the Earthcoin API under the leadership of SK, is working hard to improve the https://github.com/Sandokaaan/EarthCoin-API
BIT.cc earthcoin eac price: ¥0.00238

3,地球币义工们都很重视宣传发展地球币的挖矿算力,鼓励地球村人民都来挖矿地球币,建议网友们每个国家建立地球币矿池, 全村算力均匀分布,利于地球币长远发展!希望争取超越莱特币的算力!
4,地球币印度网站earthcoin.in 被坏蛋黑客种木马病毒多次,网站能正常访问,就是被标记成了危险网站!网站只有等时间慢慢恢复正常了。
6,地球币EAC月报QQ群514156575 欢迎你的加入,发展宣传地球币!