EAC2018.11 Monthly Report: Discussion on the application direction of earthcoin

EAC2018.11 Monthly Report: Discussion on the application direction of earthcoin.
Earth Coin (EAC) is a (digital currency) blockchain that was born in Toronto, Canada on December 20, 2013, with a total of 13.5 billion. Committed to sustainable and fair development, people’s goods, freedom and forward-looking, and strive to become a universal virtual digital commodity in the global village. Quantify the earth’s resources! Calculate global labor value standards! Earth coins will prosper every corner of the planet!

Analysis of the application direction of the earthcoin:

1, the global village payment application landing, to help countries cross-border payment transactions, the village broadcast within 5 seconds, confirmed within 1 minute! The advantages are obvious, and the micropayment function of Bitcoin can be greatly supplemented.

2, Earth person identity authentication;

3, global village charity application;

4. Sustainable and fair development;

5, the application of fair education and other aspects;

6, other landing applications, welcome to developers newearthcoin.com;

7, welcome blockchain programmer volunteers to join, unite and develop together;

8, the earth coin is a complete point-to-point (decentralized) currency, the earth coin does not belong to any person or organization, holding the earth coin is the owner of the earth coin! Let the Earth coin EAC become the universal virtual goods of the global village, let the earth people use the earthcoin earthcoin;

9, Earth coin mining is at the time!

If these coins are slowly realized, is there anyone who dares to say that EAC is air? ? ? ! ! !

Unity, self-reliance, reading, diligence, good deeds, development —— Earth people, global village, earthcoin!
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