Earth coin 2018.12 monthly report

Earth coin 2018.12 monthly report

1. The earth coin has been stable for 5 years; it is still in a stable and healthy development; the chief developer SK, has released the latest version of the new computer wallet 1.551;

2, there are currently 3 mobile wallets to support the Earth coin: a, future currency wallet; b, bitwang mobile wallet; c, EPAY super wallet

3. The calculation power of the earth coin exceeds 1000G/S at 12.30, and it is hoped that the calculation of the earth coin will continue to develop;

4, under the strong support of netizen Hei Luo, Earth Coin No. 29 launched a well-known foreign platform Australia U network, has started trading. Thank you for your contribution to EAC!

5, the earth coin community ( doop president, Xibei propaganda minister, Qingfeng development volunteers, and other leaders of the Earth currency Chinese people actively promoted. Thank you for your contribution to EAC! I hope to continue to unite more netizens to join the promotion and development of the Earth coin to the global village!











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