To promote the pure old currency such as the EarthCoin, we only need to persist for less than 2 years and it will surely shine!

The performance of the earth coin and dog coin itself is a precursor to the rise of pure old currency.
As long as we insist, the old currency boom is just around the corner! The concept of “pure old currency”,
It is worthwhile for us to continue to promote all new platforms.
All immortal old coins (including Earth coins, dog coins, quark coins, world currencies, and unlimited coins) before 2013 all become scarce resources!
To promote pure old currency, we only need to persist for less than 2 years.
It will inevitably shine – the burst of scams will generally take three years.
When the ICO concentrates on running back to zero next year, it is the pure old currency deducting the bitcoin quotation moment… But during this period, it will explode at any time. We can only wait here and look down on the world.
(Reprinted from “How to invest in digital currency” author Wang Bo words)