Celebrate Earth Day and give the earthcoin globally!

Celebrate Earth Day and give the earthcoin globally!

The annual World Earth Day (April 22) is coming. At this upcoming eco-friendly festival, the Global Coin Global Charity Committee and the Bit Times launch a global gift of Earth coins, aiming to promote more. People ask about the environment

The understanding, the accumulation of emergency participation in environmental protection, and jointly protect the green planet.

Activity time: 2011.04.10—2019.05.10

Activity mode: leaving the earth coin address, will be a random amount of the earthcoin, twitter can be used on the microblogging website;

(Please ask the EAC netizens to take action and translate them into the six languages ​​of the United Nations, so that the people of the global village know the earthcoin!)

EarthCoin, referred to as EAC, advocates the concept of green, environmental protection and love of nature, totaling 13.5 billion. Is a global cryptocurrency based on the scrypt algorithm released on December 20, 2013 in Toronto, Canada.

And fair development. It is a new generation of scrypt currency and an extension of Litecoin. Similar to Litecoin – use the scrypt workload proof mechanism. Earth coin is a revolutionary unique digital currency with a rapid increase in popularity. Its founders believe that Canada

Secret currency has the potential to change the world. The attraction of the Earthcoin clearly comes from its marketing experience, visual eye candy and widespread recognition. . Since its birth more than five years ago, it has become a global decentralized digital currency with a speed of packaging.

Special currency and Litecoin and ETH. Earthcoin are willing to grow together with pure POW coins such as Bitcoin and Litecoin.

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Welcome to know, hold the digital currency common to the global village, Earthcoin (EAC)

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和公平的发展。是新一代scrypt货币,是莱特币的延伸。类似莱特币 -使用 scrypt工作量证明机制。地球币是一个知名度迅速在提高的革命性的独特的数字货币,它的创办人相信加



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