Welcome blockchain programmers and friends to join Sandokaaan to accelerate the development and upgrade of the Earthcoin blockchain technology!

Welcome blockchain programmers and friends to join Sandokaaan to accelerate the development and upgrade of the Earthcoin blockchain technology!
EAC Chinese Development Volunteer Q Group 488414827!

EAC source code https://github.com/Sandokaaan/earthcoin

Genesis Post https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=379236.0
50% of the EAC Charity Foundation’s income will be used to reward EAC long-term volunteer developers! (earthcoin.cc)

The confirmation time of the earth coin is only 5-20 seconds, and the transfer speed is super fast.
Earthcoin, or EAC, was born on December 20, 2013. Based on the Scrypt algorithm, the name is loud and the brand value has unlimited potential.
The total amount of the earth coin is constant at 13.5 billion. After several years of precipitation, the actual stock is less than 10 billion. The concept of the earth coin is in line with the future development trend: green, environmental protection, and love of nature. Let every work on earth gain value.
The current value is extremely low, welcome everyone to understand the earth coin, hold the earth coin! Http://btceac.com/thread-800-1-1.html Thank you!

At present, the technology of the earth coin needs to be upgraded and developed. The programmer volunteers are welcome to build a test system for the earth coin to understand the idea of ​​blockchain.

The Earth Coin API is also being upgraded. Welcome to join the upgrade development API, https://github.com/Sandokaaan/EarthCoin-API

About the development of the technology of the earth coin: everyone discussed and discussed,
1, upgrade to the latest code and technology of Litecoin Bitcoin, keeping up with the latest technology of Bitcoin Litecoin;
2, mobile wallet, computer wallet optimized to the best, perfect API;

  1. Encourage netizens to build more earth coins and mine coins and mine earth coins to ensure the safety and stability of the earth’s currency calculation!
    4; What do you think of it, say it!

5; Long-term development of the earth coin technology to keep up with the pace of the times! Thank you!

欢迎区块链程序员朋友们 加入协助Sandokaaan加速开发升级地球币区块链技术!
EAC华人开发自愿者Q群488414827 !


创世贴 https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=379236.0
EAC慈善基金会的收入的 50%将用来奖励给EAC长期志愿开发者!(earthcoin.cc)

地球币(Earthcoin),简称EAC, 诞生于2013年12月20日, 基于Scrypt算法,名字响亮,品牌价值潜力无限。
目前价值极低,欢迎大家了解地球币,持有地球币 ! http://btceac.com/thread-800-1-1.html  谢谢!