earthcoin is a global coin

earthcoin is a global coin

What is the earthcoin?

EarthCoin is a scrypt based coin with a community that focuses on people, freedom and environmental sustainability. It has a fast transaction speed, is decentralised and secure by design. The purpose of its genesis is to become a pure trade based cryptocurrency for the greater good. ,

earthcoin is a global coin.
Pay with earthcoin in the earth village .

globalcoin is a earthcoin ? Pay with earthcoin in the earth village. earth village,earth people,earthcoin, perfect !

New features included in version 2.0: Security improvements based on the latest bitcoin/litecoin source codes Fast sync from the scratch (headers first method) HD addresses Simple and safe upgrade from a legacy wallet Ready for segwit transactions Possibility of recovery from a stuck without whole blockchain resync – and many others !Scrypt hashing algorithm Proof of Work (POW) mining 60 seconds block target Difficulty retarget after each block Total coins will be 13.5 billion 5 confirmations per transaction 50 confirmations per minted block Supports transaction messages Block reward average 10,000 EAC, *seasonal Superblocks every 14 and 31 days Block payout halved every year Minimum payout of 1 EAC per block Default ports, 35677 (Connect), 15678 (RPC)

Where to trade the Earthcoin?

Where to mine earthcoin?

What can the earthcoin do?
earthcoin is a global coin.
Pay with earthcoin in the earth village .

The application of the EarthCoin Landing Plan 2020-2050 recommends:The application of the earthcoin landing target:

1, charity and environmental education is fundamental, always have to catch up. Can’t lose!

2, cross-border payment, global trade support assistance. Must be advertised!

3, the construction of online game ecology; the earth currency as the digital currency of the game ecology;

4, identity authentication, Internet of Things application exploration, etc.;

5. The earth villagers use the earth coin as the basic currency;

6, take advantage of the global currency to take advantage of development!

7, welcome to add.

The earth coin application landing team can be slowly developed.The netizens summed up well. We welcome friends from the development of global global village volunteers to join, set up various development groups of Earth coins, and try to apply to various industries in the Earth EAC, fuel, earthcoin!