Welcome everyone to promote the development of the earthcoin $2

Welcome everyone to promote the development of the earthcoin $2
Earth coins, love the earth, love environmental protection, is a completely decentralized currency, does not belong to any one person or organization, the earth coin is the people of the world, a firm belief will be realized, and effective action will be taken as long as there are 500 people (EAC monthly 1 day promotion QQ total group 568104989) and me to develop propaganda and promotion, will soon be able to achieve 2 points, 2 angles, 2 dollars, 2 dollars goal! I promise to promote Earth coins to more than 2 yuan anyway! ! ! Coindolent Volunteer Development Propaganda Team welcomes you to join newearthcoin.com / earthcoin.io / eaczg.com
Global coin currency holders and friends: Call out friends from around you to use Alibaba to register Alibaba Cloud Server to build 500 EAC nodes.
The more nodes synchronize, the faster the transfer will be. It will be more safe for different investors and fans to avoid the 51% attack.
In the future, it will be submitted to the list of mainstream exchanges at home and abroad, such as B-net P-net, etc.
At the same time, it will also submit details such as the reduction of the number of confirmed charge bank blocks to the Coin Exchange Coinage Network, etc.
EAC is committed to sustainable and equitable development and quantifies global resources!
地球幣,愛地球,愛環保,是完全去中心化幣種,不屬於任何一個人或組織,地球幣是世界人民的,堅定信念一定會實現,採取有效的行動,只要有500人(EAC每月1天宣傳QQ總群568104989)和我一起來開發宣傳推廣,很快就可以實現2分,2角,2元,2美元的目標!我承諾無論如何推動地球幣到2元以上! ! !地球幣誌願開發宣傳小組歡迎您的加入newearthcoin.com / earthcoin.io / eaczg.com
全球地球幣持有者朋友們: 號召身邊的朋友用支付寶註冊阿里雲服務器建立 500個EAC節點。
節點越多同步越快轉賬越快 分佈在不同的投資人和粉絲手上更安全 最大限度的避免51%攻擊
將來是提交給B網P網比特兒等國內外主流交易所的名單 談上線條件之一
同時也會提交給幣蛋酷幣什幣雲聚幣N網等已上線地球幣幣交易所 談降低充幣區塊確認數等細節。
EarthCoin is a truly decentralized old currency. Earthcoins belong to the world. We are all masters of the Earth Coins.
The digital currency is still in the early price range. It is only a few cents now, and it will rise to a few cents, a few cents, a few dollars, and an earth coin.
Earth Powder can take effective action on its own initiative (each friend recommends a friend to buy the Earth Coin, earnestly study the book “How to Invest in Digital Currency”, the articles of the Earth Coin Transmitting Friend Circle and various application promotion).
Tun Co., Ltd. can maximize its benefits and pay only for its rewards. Everyone acts together and promotes together. The Earth Coin has been put on the line by the CEO.
Together to increase publicity for foreign platforms, accelerate the goal of $2 in the Earth’s coins! ! ! There are coins in your hand and you don’t panic! ! !
地球幣是真正去中心化的老幣種,地球幣屬於世界的,我們都是地球幣的主人,數字貨幣還處在早期價段,現在才幾厘錢一個,以後會漲到幾分,幾毛一個,幾美元一個地球幣,地球粉可以自發採取有效行動(每人推荐一個朋友買地球幣,認真學習《如何投資數字貨幣》這本書,地球幣的文章轉發朋友圈及各種應用推廣),屯幣才能利益最大化,付出才有回報。大家一起行動,一起推廣,地球幣已上線CEO,一起加大宣傳爭取上國外大平台,加速地球幣上2美元的目標! ! !手裡有幣,心中不慌! ! !