Future deduction of decentralized digital currencies such as earthcoin and bitcoin

Future deduction of decentralized digital currencies such as earthcoin and bitcoin

Since the advent of bitcoin in 2009 and earth coin in 2013, as a low-cost exchange tool, international trade and cross-border payment have become a free currency not regulated by the state. What will their future be?

Obviously, this kind of free currency has completely different uses for people in different worlds. Let’s analyze it.

For ordinary people in a country with stable political situation and strong national strength, the main purpose of this kind of digital currency is investment, which is similar to stock funds. Few people use him to buy things, and the ultimate goal is to exchange for more legal money.

For a top 5% rich person in the world, this kind of free currency can share part of the wealth risk and hide wealth.

For the people in the third world countries, this kind of currency can let them retain the fruits of their labor to the greatest extent and avoid their wealth being exploited by the state’s over issued legal currency.

For people in the dark world, this is the safest way for them to enter the normal world for consumption.

In principle, this kind of free digital currency should be severely attacked by the governments of various countries, because it is very harmful to the financial control of the country. Why didn’t the western countries crack down on it? It must be the power of capital. After these years, capitalists have discovered the huge benefits hidden in these free currencies, and the western government itself is the tool of capitalists.

To sum up, the free digital currency based on blockchain has been broken through in technology application, so 10-20 mainstream free currencies such as bitcoin BTC and earth coin EAC will become the world’s wealth concentration areas

International trade, cross-border payment and zero handling charge have become the first application of blockchain. (source network)

What do you think of these digital currencies and blockchains? Welcome to discuss and exchange.

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