Where to buy Earthcoin?

Where to buy Earthcoin?

https://www.aex88.com/page/trade.html#/ ?symbol=eac_ usdt;

https://www.wbfex.live/trade/EAC_ USDT;


EAC is one of the four POW pure currencies.

In the middle of April, the joint mining with lightdog and others was started at the height of 345000 in block, which instantly brought more than 500 times of previous coin holders. The only weakness of minority coin is to prevent 51% of attacks, and the problem is solved immediately. Since then, the earth has been eating with lightdog.

Earthcoin 2.1 official release,
Sandokaaan released this 24 days ago.
The most important changes:
AUX-POW mining enabled from block #3,450,000 (change against pre-release test versions)
Segwit addresses and transactions enabled
Composed transaction comments introduced
Mandatory upgrade for all users (those who now use one of the test versions 2.1.0.x must also upgrade). Old wallets will be incompatible with the upgraded network after block #3,450,000.
How to upgrade? Stop your old wallet. Make a backup of your wallet database. Download the new wallet for your preferred OS or build it from the source code. Run the new wallet.A short info for miners and mining pools. After block #3,450,000, the upgraded network will reject all blocks mined using an old node (version < 2.1.1). Upgraded nodes can mine both AUX-POW blocks as well as POW blocks, based on your choice. POW blocks have the same block reward as AUX-POW blocks. FROM:https://github.com/Sandokaaan/Earthcoin/releases/