When will the earthcoin go to 1 dollar?

When will the earthcoin go to 1 dollar?

A, 1-2 centimeters-community leaders, believers, and iron fans stick to the [Angel Wheel], and others dismiss it;

B, 2-8 centi-hours-large households cashed out, speculators intervened, strategic institutions wait and see, and the currency price rose empty;

C, 1-1.7 minutes-large customers replenish their positions, sensitive institutions shock and absorb [A round], small and medium platforms begin to take the initiative to pay attention, and confidence in the earth currency is gradually established;

D, 2 points -1.0 angle–many large households and early institutions increase their holdings, and consensus has been further reached, again empty;

E, 1.0 angle–above 1.0USD—–strategic institutions, funds, venture capital, and large platforms are finally optimistic [B round], the market popularity is soaring, the earth currency has become the mainstream currency, and the original core community has successfully retired , Gradually disappeared.

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