village quantification team to do EAC quantification

Welcome the global village quantification team to do EAC quantification


Earthcoin, or EAC for short, was born on December 20, 2013. Based on the script algorithm, earthcoin has a loud name and unlimited brand value potential.

The total amount of global coins is 13.5 billion. After several years of precipitation, the actual stock is less than 10 billion. The concept of global currency is in line with the future development trend: green, environmental protection and love nature. Let every labor on the earth get value. Quantify the earth’s resources! Calculate the global labor value standard! The global currency will prosper in every corner of the earth!

At present, the value is very low. You are welcome to understand the earth currency, hold the earth currency and use the earth currency.

Websites that can do EAC quantification:,, API documents;,, etc.

Welcome the global village quantification team to do EAC quantification, thank you!



地球币(Earthcoin),简称EAC, 诞生于2013年12月20日, 基于Scrypt算法,名字响亮,品牌价值潜力无限。
地球币总量135亿,经过几年的沉淀,目前实际存量不到100亿。地球币理念符合未来发展趋势:绿色,环保,热爱自然。让地球上每一份劳动获得价值。量化地球资源!計算全球勞動價值標準! 地球币将繁荣地球上的每一个角落!

可以做eac量化的网站,, API文档;,,等等。



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