EarthCoin Global volunteer Network Committee April 2018 Report

EarthCoin Global volunteer Network Committee April 2018 Report
1, main developer Sandokaaan released the release version of Earth Coin 1.5.4, an update of 2 points:
1), New wallet with graphic by Goldmansucks.2)Clean! All false positive removed.
On the 4.22th, Earth Day Earth Coin Special Edition Wallet was also released
2. Going online to vote on foreign exchanges, Please give us a lot of support and the end of voting will end!
3, EACZG.COM Earthcoin China community site landscaping upgrade steadily.
4, Sandokaaan’s Earth Coin Address: epeuqUqy8yCyTdgzcdJDgX7cLcZm8mQkUt Welcome everyone to actively sponsor and encourage him to develop and upgrade the functions of the Earth Coin.
Or go to his website to communicate the latest sponsorship advice,
5. The BTC region of the AEX Exchange has already gone offline. Please transfer to the CNC region to trade in the Euro Currency (AEX.COM).
6. Congratulations to the CEO on April 22th for the on-line exchange of coins in the earth. At present, the mood is stable. When you ask how many you can have, you can see the river flowing eastward. Where can you tell you where? Earthline CEO!
7, Korean reticulum network website program restructured on the ground floor, temporarily can not trade, patience, and so on!
8, Earthcoin international website has added Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi versions, and internationalization has become closer to the people.
9, Under the leadership of JESEN(杰森), Fei Mi(飞米) and other big brothers, they actively promoted the promotion and promotion of the local currency of countries such as Japan, India, the Philippines, Brazil, and Australia that support encrypted digital currency transactions, as well as the development of localization;
10, Welcome to the development of the promotion of the earth coin, unity is strength, development is the last word! There are coins in your hand and you don’t panic!
11. Blessings to all my friends (including holding the Earth Coin and not holding the Earth Coin) 5.1 International Labor Day happiness, 5.4 Happy Youth Day, casually bless their friends 6.1 Happy Children’s Day. Get rich early!
When is the spring season? How much is known in the past? The small building was again windy last night, and the earth was struggling toward $2.
Bitcoin price at the time of writing ¥57951.11 , Earthcoin Price ¥0.006669
1,國外主開發者Sandokaaan發布了地球幣Release 1.5.4版本,更新了2點:
1),New wallet with graphic by Goldmansucks.2)Clean! All false positive removed.
2, 球幣上線投票國外交易所, 請大家多多支持,第二轮投票月底結束!
4,主開發者Sandokaaan的地球幣地址:epeuqUqy8yCyTdgzcdJDgX7cLcZm8mQkUt 歡迎大家積極贊助,鼓勵他開發升級地球幣功能。
5, AEX交易所的BTC區域已經下線地球幣交易對,請移步到CNC區域交易地球幣(AEX.COM)。
6,祝賀CEO 4月22日開始上線地球幣交易,目前情緒穩定;問君能有幾多愁,一江春水向東流,借問酒家何處有?地球上線CEO!
發文時比特幣價格 ¥57951.11 ,地球幣價格 ¥0.006669