Xiao Lei: China should have a certain sense of urgency in the digital currency market

Today, the public number “Xiao Lei sees the city” published an article “Painful, an important area will be stolen by the Americans again.” The article points out that with the increasing movement of the digital currency market, the United States is gradually sorting out a digital currency monitoring system, which will become a global standard and then drive the market to several controllable exchanges. The world will have to move closer to this center.
Xiao Lei said that China should have a certain sense of urgency in this area, when others have begun to consider how to focus more transactions, how to better protect investors, how to plan for future regulatory systems, and to develop a greater global perspective At the time of the strategic plan, we were still narcissistic about whether the blockchain should be separated from the digital currency.
Bitcoin price at the time of writing ¥57951.11 ,Earthcoin Price ¥0.006669
發文時比特幣價格 ¥57951.11 ,地球幣價格 ¥0.006669
发文时比特币价格 ¥57951.11 ,地球币价格 ¥0.006669


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