EarthCoin Mining Tutorial 2018.05

EarthCoin Mining Tutorial 2018.05
(If written in front, this tutorial is suitable for mineral mining. The algorithm of the Euro currency is the same as the Litecoin algorithm. Now the whole network has a calculation power of 150G/s or higher, so it is only suitable for mining, mining, computer graphics, or CPU mining speeds. Only (a few M, dozens of K/S), one earth coin can’t be dug in a day, so it is not recommended to experience, and configuring computer mining is very tedious. Basically all of 2013’s technology, the graphics card can go to zero coins. Or Ethereum, this URL to learn)
Mine pool registration address:
Home top right click on the guest drop-down menu sign up
Registration page description, please register as soon as possible, otherwise the page will prompt the password expired
The following figure shows the left navigation bar after registration is completed
Create miners
Collection address and other settings
Use computer software mining experience with port 3019
Stratum+tcp:// -u Registered account. Miner name -p miner password
For example, the registered login name is abc123, the miner name is abc, and the password is 1234.
The above should be stratum+tcp:// -u -p 1234
EarthCoin Mining Tutorial 2018.05地球币挖矿教程
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