Iran has exported $2.5 billion for cryptocurrency,At the time of writing Earthcoin Price:¥0.006593

Iran has exported $2.5 billion for cryptocurrency
According to, Mohammad Reza Pourebrahimi, chairman of the Iranian parliament’s economic committee, revealed that Iran has already flowed out of US$2.5 billion to purchase cryptocurrencies. He believes that one of the benefits of cryptocurrency is the “absence of US regulators” that can circumvent sanctions. At present, Iran does not design national virtual currency, but the national virtual currency helps promote economic transactions and circumvent sanctions.
At the time of writing Earth coins Price: ¥0.006593
据Bitcoin.com报道,伊朗议会经济委员会主席Mohammad Reza Pourebrahimi透露,伊朗已经流出25亿美元用于购买加密货币。他认为,加密货币的好处之一是“美国监管机构的缺席”,可以规避制裁。目前伊朗没有设计国家虚拟货币,但国家虚拟货币有助于促进经济交易并规避制裁。