EOS Crowdfunding Account Reproduces 21.185 Million ETHs Again /EOS众筹账户今再次转出21.185万个ETH

EOS Crowdfunding Account Reproduces 21.185 Million ETHs Again
According to reports, the progress of the EOS project has continued. In addition to the heated election of super nodes, BM announced the release of Dawn 4.0 on May 11, updating more features.
Some netizens observed that at 11:33:21 (May 14) today, the EOS crowdfunding account again transferred 211.88 million ETHs. At the time of writing, the EOS crowdfunding account successively conducted six large sums of money extraction operations. They respectively transferred 415,754,844 ETHs on February 23, 2018, 61.840371 million ETHs on March 27, and 41.114616 on April 9. Ten thousand ETHs transferred 47.8733 million on April 23. On May 7, 69.77723 million ETHs were transferred. At the same time, EOS prices should have greater fluctuation after the withdrawal of coins.
The EOS crowdfunding account has so far carried out six large sums of money, and each time the invoicing of coins has caused great fluctuations in EOS and ETH prices.
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据报道:EOS项目进展消息不断,除去白热化的超级节点竞选之外,5月11日 BM 宣布 Dawn 4.0 发布,更新了更多的特性。