A letter from the dealer to leeks庄家给韭菜的一封信

A letter from the dealer to leeks
If you want to rebound early,
The thing to do now is to give up the chips in your hands and let me buy enough chips.
If you don’t want to grab me when I get a stack, I’m sorry, I will use the chips I received to suppress you again, so that you can not see until the end until you hand over the chips.
When you hand over all the chips, I will push up. This is to tell you that I am going to do more, not to buy you. If you buy me now, I will reduce the profits again.
When you must make a breakthrough, you can buy it and do it with me.
When I’m shipping, I’ll signal you that it’s the sky shadow. This time, it’s not asking you to sell. If you dare to sell in front of me, I’ll pull it up again. When you sell it, you’ll finish first. After the wave fell, did you understand? Do not imagine that you will eat from the beginning to the end like I did. It would be nice to eat some of you. Remember not to be against me. Give up your resistance and cooperate with me. I will give you some benefits.
At the time of writing, the price of the earth coins: ¥0.00563