Earthcoin 2018.05 Monthly Report 地球币2018.05月报

Hello, friend.
Earth Monthly 2018.05 Monthly Report 地球币2018.05月报
1,I upgraded the design of my Earth Coin website
Pres F5 key to refresh the page if you still see the old version.
Added links to paperwalet, webwallet, android and whitepaper.
2,In the exchange section is a new exchange for voting
They require only 0.2 BTC for listing. I have already payd 10 % of the requested amount, and can pay also the rest, as soos as I receive funds from other exchanges.
It is de-facto renamed from, I traded with them over year, they are trustable I think.
3,EarthCoin web wallet by Sandokaaan © 2018. Alpha release. Use on your own risk.
You can use this web application to check you EarthCoin (EAC) paper/brain wallet balance or spent some of your coins stored in it. Paste your EAC address for read-only access or your private key (WIF format) if you want to spent some of your EAC coins. The private key is used only by javascript code in your web browser, it does not leave your device.
4,Paper wallet come soon…
5,Android wallet come soon…
from Sandokaaan
Sandokaaan’s EarthCoin Address: epeuqUqy8yCyTdgzcdJDgX7cLcZm8mQkUt
Welcome everyone to support him, sponsor him,
and let him give the Earth coins more exchanges on the line.
Thank you.