About the CEO's Exchange Online Sinclair Vote Third EarthCoin EAC Announcement

respected user:
The second round of the CEO Exchange’s voting on the currency mechanism congratulated the ECOC in the 7-day voting contest for the third place. The CEO exchange negotiated with the official account of the Coin-Ocean Co., Ltd. on the Hong Kong time April 20, 2018. 18 : 18 minutes to open the ECo coins to transfer. It opened its trading market at 11:18 on April 22, 2018.
Currency introduction:
Earth Coin (short for EAC) is a global cryptocurrency based on the Litecoin scrypt algorithm released on December 20, 2013 in Toronto, Canada. It is committed to sustainable and equitable development. The total amount of Earth coins is 13.5 billion, taking 365 days as a cycle, starting at 10,000 coins per block, with a sinusoidal curve of 2000 amplitude.
In addition, EarthCoin is a screen-based coin whose community focuses on human, freedom and environmental sustainability. It has high-speed transaction speed, decentralization and design security. The purpose of its source is to become a pure trade based cryptocurrency for better profits.
English name: EarthCoin/EAC Chinese name: Earth Coin
Release Date: 2013-12-20 Release Team: EarthCoin Team
Whether tokens: Yes Total circulation: 11861046754
Total circulation: 11861046754 Official website: http://earthcoin.io/
Risk Warning: There is a price fluctuation risk in digital currency. Please be sure to understand the products you want to invest before investing. Please invest rationally in your own range and be cautiously involved.
英文名:EarthCoin/EAC 中文名:地球币
发行时间:2013-12-20 发行团队:EarthCoin团队
是否代币:是 总发行量:11861046754
流通总量:11861046754 官方网站:http://earthcoin.io/
CEO交易所运营团队 https://ceo.bi/i/blog_c_208.jsp