EarthCoin network upgraded to v2.0.1

May 23, 2019
EarthCoin network upgraded to v2.0.1
Source code:
Wallet downloads for Windows and Mac OSX avaiable:
Please, upgrade your wallet/node to the version 2.0.1. Legacy wallets (v.1.x.x) will not be supported after June 1, 2019 and may lost the connection or sync with the main network. from:


支付宝里面搜索 相互宝 就出来了!
有社保的也可以为父母家人加入 !! !

相互宝是2018年10月16日在支付宝App上线的一项大病互助共济服务,加入的成员遭遇重大疾病(范围是100种),可享有30万或10万元不等的保障金,费用由所有成员分摊。 运行至今,半年时间相互宝救助了28位成员,救助金额分摊到成员身上,人均0.1元左右。相互宝还承诺2019年全年分摊金额不超过188元,多出部分由蚂蚁金服承担,等于有了个兜底。而参与互助计划的成员,如果要申请互助金,需在申请页面提交相关资料(包括身份证件、疾病诊断书等),经过平台调查审核后进行案件公示、筹款,一般1-3个工作日内就会向申请者划拨互助金。


Alipay Sesame is divided into 600 points to join the mutual treasure, the whole family has a health and safety guarantee!
Ma Yunma heroes do the big disease mutual aid program, safe and reliable. Less than 1-10 yuan a year!
More than 66 million netizens have joined! (May 25, 2019)
Alipay inside search for mutual treasure came out!
This avoids the fact that every household has returned to poverty because of a serious illness!
If you have social security, you can also join your parents and family!!
 – EarthVillage EarthCoin Global Charity Network Committee (Foundation)

Mutual Treasure is a major illness and mutual aid service that was launched on Alipay on October 16, 2018. The members who joined the company suffered from major diseases (the range is 100), and they can enjoy the protection of 300,000 yuan or 100,000 yuan. Apportioned by all members. Up to now, the mutual rescue of 28 members in half a year, the amount of assistance is distributed to members, about 0.1 yuan per capita. Mutual Treasure also promised that the amount of the whole year of 2019 will not exceed 188 yuan, and the excess will be borne by the ant Jinfu, which is equivalent to having a pocket. If members who participate in the mutual aid program want to apply for mutual assistance, they need to submit relevant information (including identity documents, disease diagnosis books, etc.) on the application page. After the platform investigation and review, the case will be publicized and fundraising, usually 1-3 working days. Mutual assistance will be allocated to the applicant.

On May 8th, 2019, after the “mutual treasure” of the major illness mutual aid program, Alipay went online and “old version of mutual treasure”