Earthcoins are recommended by the Exchange and checked once a year.
Require site ALEXA to rank within 1 million




要求網站ALEXA排名 100萬名以內方才會收錄!
The EarthCoin is a decentralized currency. The EarthCoin does not belong to any one person or organization. Holding the EarthCoin is the owner and shareholder of the Earth Coin.
Earth coins, love the earth, and love the environment are completely peer-to-peer (decentralized) currencies. They do not belong to any one person or organization. Earth coins are the people of the world.
A firm belief will surely be achieved and effective action will be taken. As long as there are 500 people (EAC overseas promotion QQ group 568104989 overseas one day per month) and I come overseas to develop propaganda and promotion, it will soon be possible to achieve 2.00 yuan, 2 dollars. aims! We promise to promote Earth coins to more than 2 yuan no matter how!!!
EAC Nodes & Earth Coin Global Council & Global Volunteer Development Team Welcome Your Join!
Donation  EAC: edHKRA7GVdAnxEFkuzGMKdukaPCSgdwWb6
We hope that we can really raise 200-300 million earthcoin to develop the fund, engage in the development and operation of the earthcoin, and commit to truly become: the global village, the earthcoin! Happy!
Friends who will not use the OTC exchange, can find the QQ 12762680 OTC OTC transaction, and charge 3% handling fee to develop the Earth coin EAC global Chinese market! (To send Earthcoin(EAC), support QQ WeChat Alipay!)
不会使用场外交易所的朋友,可以找群主QQ 12762680 OTC场外交易,收取3%手续费来发展地球币EAC全球华人市场!(款到发送地球币EarthCoin,支持QQ微信支付宝!)