Earthcoins are recommended by the Exchange and checked once a year. Require site ALEXA to rank within 1 million 1, EAC暂时有三个国外的交易所在进行交易,有USDT交易对和大饼的交易对,分别是: XeggeX交易所地址(支持中文,支持绑定大陆手机号): Bitxonex 交易所地址: FX交易所地址:; pc wallet:; Third-party APP:,, 3, more: 地球幣靠譜交易所推薦,每年檢查一次。2023.05.06. 要求網站ALEXA排名 100萬名以內方才會收錄! The EarthCoin is a decentralized currency. The EarthCoin does not belong to any one … Continue reading Exchanges