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Pensor will soon open the Earth Coin (EAC) transaction

Pensor will soon open the Earth Coin (EAC) transaction
Dear BJS community users:
BJS will open the Earth Coin (EAC) recharge business at 20:00 on February 25, 2019 Beijing time. The EAC/CNYT transaction will be opened at 15:00 on March 1, 2019, and the withdrawal will be opened at 15:00 on March 3, 2019. business.
EAC introduction:
EAC is committed to sustainable and fair development. Since its birth in 13 years, it has continued to participate in domestic and international animal protection, poor children’s education, humanitarian international assistance and other modes, forming a good community environment, and gradually accelerate the promotion of education, The exploration and application of environmental sustainability, the Internet of Things, the international co-ordination of energy and carbon emissions, and mutual financial development.
Official website address: www.eacdev.com
Block query: https://chainz.cryptoid.info/eac/
Wallet download: www.earthcoin.io
Creation World Post: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=2161853.0
Risk Warning: Digital assets are innovative investment products, and price fluctuations are large. Please rationally judge your investment ability and make investment decisions prudently.

BJS Team
Sina blog: http://weibo.com/btc2cc
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/suo.j.bi.1
Twitter: https://twitter.com/bjs24141112
Telegram: https://t.me/bjs_official


Announcement | BJS will open world currency, earth coin and quark coin recharge at 20:00 today
According to the official announcement of Pentax, through the pen and the friendly communication with the world currency, the earth coin and the quark currency, several parties unanimously decided that BJS will open the World Bank (WDC) at 20:00 on February 25, 2019 Beijing time. Earth Coin (EAC), Quark Coin (EAC) recharge business, open WDC/CNYT, EAC/CNYT, QRK/CNYT transaction pairs at 15:00 on March 1, 2019, open withdrawal service at 15:00 on March 3, 2019 Party announcement. Pens and join the three-currency red envelope draw.

公告 | BJS将于今日20:00开放世界币、地球币、夸克币充值

The community’s first Earthcoin game app has been put on the shelves, so stay tuned for new development apps.

The community’s first Earthcoin game app has been put on the shelves, so stay tuned for new development apps.

  Let us work together to improve the circulation and value of the earth coin! Download the registered partner to send 5000 Earth coins. For the specific game rules, please see the game bulletin board http://btceac.com/thread-1354-1-1.html (forward. Thank you.)

Have questions and welcome feedback with APP game technology, thank you, welcome everyone to test, safety first!

让我们一起努力提高地球币流通和价值! 下载注册的小伙伴就送5000地球币 具体游戏规则请看游戏公告栏 http://btceac.com/thread-1354-1-1.html (转发一下。谢谢。)


newearthcoin.com Replaced Deveac.com

newearthcoin.com Replaced Deveac.com


I registered the domain name deveac.com 

Now a temporary backup of newEarthCoin site is avaiable on the address

API block explorer is on address

Some links at the old site are probably broken and so should be updated. I will also update the content of the site, it was time  

Roll Eyes

Email contacts at the newearthcoin.com domain are permanently lost, please do not use them any more. 
For the time being, please use the personal message at bitcointalk.org, if you need to contact me. A new mail server will be ready within a week.

Earthcoin blockchain cross-border payment

Blockchain cross-border payment allows you to instantly transfer money to the other side of the globe

The first application area of the Earth coin is to make cross-border payments. Recently, IDG and Baidu voted for this company, called Circle. They set up a branch in China called China, which is mainly for cross-border payment. It is still dependent on Bitcoin/Earth. To make a metaphor, for example, we have a friend who is studying in the United States. He now gives his parents a living allowance. His parents want to send $2,000 to his children for living expenses. The traditional approach is to go to the bank to purchase foreign exchange, the procedures are very complicated, each person can not exceed 50,000 US dollars, the cycle is relatively long. Now if you use the circle service, give the money to the company, the company to the bitcoin / earth currency exchange, change to bitcoin / earth coin, etc., then get the bitcoin / earth coin and then run to the United States The exchange, to replace it with the US dollar to sell. In this way, the bitcoin/earth currency is used as an intermediate currency to complete the transaction and liquidation of the RMB to the US dollar.
Foreign trade friends, Southeast Asian countries, India and Africa and other countries exchange currency transactions, it is recommended to use the earthcoin (EAC) as an intermediate currency!

Foreign trade friends, Southeast Asian countries, India and Africa and other countries exchange currency transactions, it is recommended to use the earthcoin (EAC) as an intermediate currency!









欢迎转发给你们做外贸的朋友们 !


Xinjiang mining users exchange Q group 951334362

Xinjiang mining users exchange Q group 951334362!
Xinjiang, Urumqi, welcome Xinjiang netizens to join.
Earth coin mining tutorial, mining pool, exchange
Earth Coin Mining Tutorial: http://btceac.com/thread-1285-1-1.html
Mine Pool:
Blockchain browser https://chainz.cryptoid.info/eac/
Exchanges: BIT.CC, CEO.BI, FUNCOIN.CO, ucoin.pw, BITBITX.COM, NOVAEXCHANGE.COM, COINEGG.COM, AEX.COM and other global exchanges strongly support the trading of the earth coin.

Earth coin 2018.12 monthly report

Earth coin 2018.12 monthly report

1. The earth coin has been stable for 5 years; it is still in a stable and healthy development; the chief developer SK, newearthcoin.com has released the latest version of the new computer wallet 1.551;

2, there are currently 3 mobile wallets to support the Earth coin: a, future currency wallet walletnxt.com; b, bitwang mobile wallet bitwow.net; c, EPAY super wallet allearthcoin.com

3. The calculation power of the earth coin exceeds 1000G/S at 12.30, and it is hoped that the calculation of the earth coin will continue to develop;

4, under the strong support of netizen Hei Luo, Earth Coin No. 29 launched a well-known foreign platform Australia U network https://www.ucoin.pw/trades/139, has started trading. Thank you for your contribution to EAC!

5, the earth coin community (eaczg.com) doop president, Xibei propaganda minister, Qingfeng development volunteers, and other leaders of the Earth currency Chinese people actively promoted. Thank you for your contribution to EAC! I hope to continue to unite more netizens to join the promotion and development of the Earth coin to the global village!






c,EPAY超级钱包 allearthcoin.com,也在赠送地球币,欢迎下载测试使用。





Global Village Environmental Blockchain EarthCoin (EAC) is on the line U-Net

Global Village Environmental Blockchain Earth Coin EAC is on the line U-Net
On December 20, 2018, the cryptocurrency Earthcoin (EAC), which is committed to fair and sustainable development, was officially launched on U-coin Australia. According to the Chinese community that took over the Earth coin, Earthcoin’s mission is to become a reserve currency that is acceptable to the whole world, to stabilize the measurement of the relationship between different objects. This is a digital currency that encourages openness, fairness and trust. Its biggest feature is its cyclical increase and decrease. With 365 days as a cycle, each 10,000 coins starts with a sinusoidal change of 2000 amplitude, totaling 13.5 billion. The Earth Coin will combine decentralized, open source code, and constant-issue intelligent blockchain technology with environmental protection businesses to help governments promote sustainable development while strengthening the confidence of high-quality corporate markets.

Earth coin EAC blockchain 001
Earth Coin Forces Global Sustainability
Improving the level of education, protecting the environment, and achieving global sustainable development have always been the common goals pursued by all countries. In order to promote the development of education and environmental protection public welfare, a group of foreign environmentalists gathered in Toronto in December 2013 to create a globe currency based on the scrypt algorithm. In order to practice their own ideas, team members have done a lot of work, leaving them in the jungle, in hydroelectric power stations, in afforestation bases, and in animal rescue sites. A number of countries have successively established a team of Earthcoin volunteers, including Canada, the United Kingdom, Greece, Germany, Australia, France, and the United Arab Emirates. Of course, there are also many Chinese people. The teams are working hard to spread the earth. The concept of the currency, like the spring breeze blowing all over the world…

Global Village Environmental Blockchain Earth Coin EAC grand launch on the Australian U network 002
Earth coin community does not forget the original intention
Although the market value of the earth coin is not outstanding, when the various virtual coins are in a downturn, the volunteer community has not forgotten its original intention, committed to education, green, environmental protection, and the domestic team actively participated in several charitable donations and insisted on using it. The actual actions prove their commitment. So far, the core team of the Earthcoin has undergone many changes. From John’s departure to Linki’s participation, and now Sandokaaan’s participation in development can be described as a bumpy, but never changed his own operating philosophy, I hope the Earth can catch The era of this blockchain technology will shine, and it will continue to grow and keep going!

Global Village Environmental Block Chain Earth Coin EAC grand launch on the line U 003
Earth coin online Australia U network
On the fifth anniversary of the earth coin, the earth coin officially launched on the U network in Australia. On December 29th, the transaction will be officially started. The development of the earth coin for five years will rapidly increase the popularity. The marketing experience of the earth coin, the stable operation history and the wide recognition of the community It is very attractive. U-Net’s huge customer base and strength are expected to open up its internal and external trading, improve liquidity, and more people will mine, thus pushing up the value of the earth coin. The concept of sustainable development of the earth coin is not only about the national strategy, but also about the vital interests of everyone. Let us look forward to the development of the earth coin to every corner of the global village! Let the earth people use the earth coin!

Earth Village Environmental Protection Block Chain Earth Coin EAC is launched on the U network 20181229 in Australia!


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