Adjustment of EAC Transaction on AEX.COM

Dear users:
To enhance the platform’s trading experience and the liquidity of digital assets. AEX( decided:
Revoke EAC/BTC, QASH/BTC Transaction at 3:00 A.M on April 26, 2018 (GMT+0).
If your currency is in order, please revoke it in “FINANCE”.
1. After revoking the Coins at BTC MARKETS. You can still keep trading at other MARKETS.
2. How to revoke your orders?
Method: Order → Open Order → Select Markets→ Select Currency → Revoke.
3. AEX website updates may cause caching problems and update latency. Just clear the browser cache and refresh the page quickly. Clear the cache:
· Computer operation: press Ctrl+F5 and refresh several times.
· Mobile phone operation: Settings – Clear the browser cache.
Digital assets are high-risk investment instrument. Users should fully understand the risks and consequences involved in trading these crypto currencies.
AEX Team
Apr 23, 2018

now,you can trade earthcoin at this: