About the old currency, How much do you know about community coins?

The old currency, as its name suggests, is a digital currency that is still tenaciously survived from 2013 to the present. The precipitation of these currencies through time precipitated the original sins of the pre-digging of the previous team, eliminating the “centralization” as if a large tree had been deposited over time. Has long been deeply rooted in the underground.
The old currency basically belongs to the pow mining model, so far pow is still the most perfect model. The advantage of the old currency lies in its long-term development, its decentralization, and its preference for pure digital currency; so far, the market has seen the emergence of old currency alliances. I think it is a good model, skipping the sharing of short-board resources. The old currency is quietly sounding a counterattack.
Regarding the community, the community is a collective that everyone can join to create, the community is created under the consensus of everyone, and the community currency is the currency that is driven by the development of the community. The strength of the community currency is the strong decentralization; and the official Team currency’s “official team” is basically impossible to achieve long-term survival, because as time changes, it will be accepted sooner or later, and the official team retreats from the reality of being taken over by the community. The advantage of the community lies in sustainable development. The currency is Community-driven, community is joined by all volunteers, this attractive combination, this attractive combination will ensure currency stability, continuous growth and eye-catching technological development. The old currency+community model can better promote the principles of decentralization, distribution, and sacred and irrevocable blockchains of pure Satoshi Satoshi digital currency, and is superior to most blockchain projects, tokens, and airdrops. Coinage, currency, etc.