EOSIO Dawn 4.1 Release Update Rename EOS to SYS

EOSIO Dawn 4.1 Release Update Rename EOS to SYS
  According to the golden financial cooperation media IMEOS report, EOSIO Dawn 4.1 released an update to change the name of the token used in the system from what is known as “EOS” to “SYS”. This change was not a whim. As early as seven days ago, BM issued Issue (#2888) and proposed to change the symbol of the token in the system contract of eosio.system from “EOS” to “SYS”. This contains 31 files. A change involving more than a thousand lines of code changes was published in the Dawn 4.1 release. According to the IMEOS exclusive report, in the development process, gleehokie, a member of the block.one development team, proposed that in future blockchains created using EOSIO software, it may be necessary to change the names of tokens. In order to facilitate changes, system token names are needed. The configuration is in a separate file. This proposal was adopted. Therefore, if you want to change the name to another name in the online version, you can view the CORE_SYMBOL_NAME in the “CMakeLists.txt” file and make changes.
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EOSIO Dawn 4.1 發布更新 將EOS改名變為SYS
 據金色財經合作媒體IMEOS報導,EOSIO Dawn 4.1 發布更新,將系統中所用的代幣名稱從人們所熟知的“EOS”,更改為“SYS”。這一變動並非心血來潮,早在七天前,BM發布了Issue(#2888), 就提議將eosio.system的系統合約中的代幣符號從“EOS”更改為“SYS”,這一包含31個文件、涉及一千多行代碼變更的修改,發佈在了Dawn 4.1版本之中。根據IMEOS獨家報導,開發過程中,block.one開發團隊成員gleehokie 曾提議,未來使用EOSIO 軟件所創建的各個區塊鏈,可能有需要變更代幣名稱,為了方便改動,需要將系統代幣名稱的配置放在單獨的文件中。這一建議得到了採納。因此,現在上線的版本中,如果想將名稱更改為其他名稱,可以在“CMakeLists.txt”文件中查看CORE_SYMBOL_NAME,並作出改動即可。