starting from today! Huawei Mobile Phone Will Benefit China's Bitcoin Users

From this Friday (May 11th), Huawei users will be able to download Bitcoin wallets on all new mobile phones and App Stores on the “Glory” mobile app storefront.
starting from today! Huawei Mobile Phone Will Benefit China’s Bitcoin Users
According to Alejandro de la Torre, vice president of business operations at, Huawei, the world’s third-largest mobile phone maker, is publishing’s Bitcoin wallet in its App Gallery. wallet will become the first cryptocurrency application provided by Huawei. He said that AppGallery will be pre-installed on all new Huawei and Honor phones, and will be introduced to older phones in the coming months.
Huawei is China’s largest mobile phone vendor, and this may have the greatest impact on the Chinese market. China has always been a hotbed of cryptocurrency development. The government has now limited access to for applications such as the Google Play Store for Android and Apple iTunes. Although the cryptocurrency trading platform was closed and illegal ICO activities were prohibited, people can still own virtual currency.
“This is a good opportunity to break into the Chinese market,” de la Torre said in a telephone interview. “The use of cashless applications is very large and the traditional banking system is lacking, so the prospects for encrypted payments are good there.”
In addition, also controls the world’s largest bitcoin mining pool, whose owner is mining hardware manufacturer Bitmain Technologies. According to a report in March, Huawei is considering developing a mobile phone for blockchain applications. Jaime Gonzalo, vice president of Huawei’s mobile services, said in a statement: “We anticipate that the usage habits of global cryptocurrencies will increase significantly in the near future.”
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  据BTC.com业务运营副总裁Alejandro de la Torre说,全球第三大手机制造商华为(Huawei)正在其AppGallery中发布BTC.com的比特币钱包。BTC.com钱包将成为华为提供的首个加密货币应用。他说,AppGallery将预装在所有新款的华为和荣耀(Honor)系列的手机上,并将在未来几个月内推向老款手机。
  ”这是打入中国市场的好机会,” de la Torre在电话采访中说。“使用无现金支付的应用程序非常庞大,传统的银行系统缺乏,因此加密支付在那里的前景很好。”
  此外,BTC.com还控制着全球最大的比特币矿池,它的所有者是采矿硬件制造商Bitmain Technologies。据3月份的一篇报道,华为正在考虑开发一款针对区块链应用的手机。华为移动服务副总裁Jaime Gonzalo在一份声明中说:“我们预计,在不久的将来,全球加密货币的使用习惯会大幅增长。”
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