Nxt mobile wallet integrated Eac message announcement

Nxt mobile wallet integrated Eac message announcement
Through the in-depth communication between the Earthcoin Eac community and the future currency Nxt community, the Future Currency Nxt community has agreed to integrate the Earth Coin Eac into the Nxt mobile wallet.
After the unremitting efforts of the future Nxt R & D personnel, the future currency Nxt mobile wallet has successfully integrated the Earth Coin Eac, you can carry out the operation of the Earth Coin Eac transfer, transfer, and view the market in the wallet, welcome to download and test.
Mobile Wallet download address: http://walletnxt.com
Finally, I would like to thank the developers for their hard work and hard work!
PS: The Earthcoin Community Foundation plans to reward the developer with the Earthcoin!
After installation, create an account, add the Earthcoin EAC currency, and activate. It is acceptable to send the earthcoin. It is recommended to test Ha. Safety first, a small amount to join!
Earthcoin price when posting: ¥0.00361
安装之后,建立账号,添加地球币 EAC币种,激活。就可以接受发送地球币了。建议先测试哈。安全第一,少量加入!


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