EarthCoin-API welcome you to setup

Full EarthCoin node with API based on bitpay/bitcore
MongoDB –
Nodejs –
Install & run:
git clone
cd EarthCoin-API nodejs sync.js & nodejs api.js &
API interface: http://:3000/
This code is under development, some functions are not implemented, yet.
What work?
Sync from a network. Legacy EarthCoin daemon is not required. Under test conditions the node got full sync from a scratch within a hour.
Api can shoh any block on hash or index query.
To do list:
Configuration is hardcoded in the javascript for now. Need to be moved to a .json file to easier setup.
Detection of forks/orphans blocks.
Indexing of transactions and API functions for read transactions info.
Block explorer frontend based on the API.
Implement functions for both-way comunication. For now the node not answer to other nodes queries.
Automatic selection of the best node for data download, eg. based on a ping delay.
Optimization of the code for multi-node queries, now the code select one network node to request all block data.
Standardize modular design of the code, add NPM installer.